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Desktop Metal Studio System工作系统现在可以让你用纯铜3D打印

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  Desktop Metal为其办公良友Studio System增材制造(AM)平台,在其3D打印材料中添加了铜。

  这家总部位于马萨诸塞州伯灵顿的公司最近以25亿美元的价格与Trine Acquisition Corp公司进行了交易。该公司表示,这种材料非常适合用于石油、天然气、汽车和消费品等行业的传热和电气应用的小批量3D打印。

  在一次新闻发布会上,Desktop Metal强调这种特殊的材料是纯铜,不像铬锆铜基的替代品,可以在一些基于激光的增材制造工艺中找到。

  3D printed copper bus bar are used for local high current power distribution.

  Highlighting some of the applications now possible, Desktop Metal shared how complex heat exchangers, such as motor heat sinks designed to keep electric motors running at ideal operating temperatures, can now be produced in copper via the Studio System’s Bound Deposition Process. Similarly, Bus bars used for local high current power distribution can be manufactured as a single part with cooling channels running through their core. Copper’s thermal conductivity value ensures that heat is efficiently transferred from the bus bar to the coolant.

  Copper joins 4140 chromoly steel, H13 tool steel, 316L and 17-4 PH stainless steels which are already available on the Studio System.

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