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Stratasys宣布收购SLA 3D打印RPS

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  RPS' NEO machines.


  Stratasys has announced the acquisition of RP Support (RPS), adding the UK-based company’s offering of stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing systems to its product portfolio.

  Stratasys宣布收购RP Support (RPS),为其产品组合增加了立体蚀刻(SLA) 3D打印系统。

  The company has said the takeover of RPS gives it a ‘full suite of solutions across the product life cycle’ and expects the acquisition to be ‘slightly accretive’ to revenue and non-GAAP per-share earnings by the end of 2021.


  Though Stratasys announced its entry into the stereolithography market in April 2019 through the launch of V650 Flex, which is said to feature a 500 x 500 x 580 mm build volume and be supported by an open materials architecture, the company has moved to acquire RPS and its SLA offering. RPS has launched two series of its NEO SLA machine; one of which is the NEO 800, with an 800 x 800 x 600 mm build volume, and the other is the NEO 450 with a 450 x 450 x 400 mm build volume. Both systems are open to third party resins, giving users access to properties like chemical resistance, heat tolerance, flexibility and durability, and are backed up by the Titanium control software.

  尽管Stratasys公司宣布其2019年4月进入有限元市场通过推出V650 Flex,据说有500 x 500 x 580毫米建立体积和支持开放的建筑材料,该公司已收购rp和SLA提供。RPS推出了两个系列的NEO SLA机器;其中一款是NEO 800,体积为800 × 800 × 600mm;另一款是NEO 450,体积为450 × 450 × 400mm。这两种系统都对第三方树脂开放,使用户能够获得耐化学性、耐热性、灵活性和耐久性等特性,并由Titanium控制软件进行备份。

  The NEO systems are suitable for application in prototyping, tooling, investment casting patterns, anatomical modelling and the printing of clear aligner moulds, many of the same applications the V650 Flex was touted for back in April 2019. Bringing the NEO platforms under its umbrella, Stratasys says it intends to leverage its global go-to-market infrastructure – the same network that attracted Origin to agree to a $100m deal late last year – to 'bring the RPS Neo line to an expanded set of applications in the global market,' while also integrating its GrabCAD Print workflow software into future versions of the product.

  NEO系统适合应用于原型设计、工具、熔模铸造模式、解剖建模和清晰对准模具的打印,许多与V650 Flex早在2019年4月就已推出的应用相同。使其麾下的新平台,Stratasys公司说,它打算利用其全球营销基础设施——相同的网络,吸引了起源同意100美元交易去年晚些时候,“把rp NEO线一组扩展的应用程序在全球市场上,“同时也将其GrabCAD打印工作流软件集成到该产品的未来版本.

  “As businesses accelerate their embrace and adoption of additive manufacturing, our goal is providing our global customers with the world’s best and most complete polymer 3D printing portfolio,” commented Stratasys CEO Yoav Zeif. “We believe the Neo products are superior relative to other solutions currently available in the market due to an open choice in resins, low service requirements and reliable and accurate builds with simple day-to-day operation. With access to our strong global channels and our innovative GrabCAD software, we will bring RPS’ innovative products to many more manufacturing organisations.”

  Stratasys首席执行官Yoav Zeif表示:“随着企业加速采用增材制造技术,我们的目标是为全球客户提供世界上最好、最完整的聚合物3D打印产品组合。“我们相信,Neo产品相对于目前市场上的其他解决方案而言,具有开放性的树脂选择、较低的服务要求、可靠和准确的构建以及简单的日常操作。通过我们强大的全球渠道和我们创新的GrabCAD软件,我们将把RPS的创新产品带给更多的制造组织。”

  “We developed the Neo line to raise the industry standard for the next generation large-frame industrial stereolithography 3D printers,” offered RPS Director David Storey. “I’m looking forward to continuing to develop this best-in-class technology with the Stratasys team as we bring our products to a broadened global audience.”

  “我们开发Neo系列是为了提高下一代大帧工业立体印刷3D打印机的行业标准,”RPS总监David Storey说。“我期待着继续与Stratasys团队一起开发这种一流的技术,将我们的产品推向更广泛的全球用户。”